Our Investment Philosophy

There is seemingly no end to the views and theories on the most successful approach to investing. However, we maintain that there are only three rules to be obeyed when it comes to investing, diversification, diversification and diversification.

investment philosophy Image

As Independent Financial Advisers, we advise on the whole of market, specifically Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs), Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Investment Bonds, Discretionary Fund Management, Structured Products, Platforms and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Our Investment Committee comprises of our three partners with formal meetings held quarterly. All funds are monitored daily using specialist software and so urgent decisions can be taken at anytime if required.

At LMS Partners, we achieve diversification by using multi-asset funds across the various asset classes; spread across several funds and providers to ensure fund manager diversification; ensuring the principle investment is split into a range of different investment strategies, for example, investment trusts, investment bonds and OEICs.

Our over-arching view is that we do not use funds that invest in a single geographical area or a single asset class such as commodities or gilts. A global approach gives fund managers the freedom to invest where they see opportunities and to avoid areas where they perceive risk. Multi-asset investing gives fund managers similar flexibilities.

We only recommend investments that have been thoroughly researched and approved by our Investment Committee; every investment we approve has to be one that we would invest in ourselves.

The scrutiny of fund management fees is important as high fees and charges will seriously affect the long term performance of any fund. Therefore we use providers and products that allow access to the most cost effective share classes and combine active and passive strategies to ensure costs are always maintained at a sensible and realistic level.

If we do not fully understand the fund it will not be approved; complex structures and opaque charging will not be considered.